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Do you want to help build the future of software development?

Midio is a Norwegian software company dedicated to transforming software development. With recent funding from investors including Sondo Capital, Tiny VC, and founders from companies like Sanity, Enode, Oda, and Ardoq, we are on a mission to change how software is built—from weekend projects to enterprise solutions. At Midio, we offer a collaborative work environment where every team member plays a role in shaping our company’s trajectory and success story. Through collaboration, we foster a culture of creativity, encouraging each other to go the extra mile in achieving our goals.

About the product

Midio is a high-level, visual development tool built with the mindset of a more traditional language compiler and runtime. This unique combination makes Midio a perfect fit for projects that require high developer velocity and have strict functional and non-functional requirements, like building and managing custom integrations and workflows. Midio enables teams to work faster and gradually include more of their non-technical organization in development through its abstractions features.

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About the position

We are seeking our first non-founder hire to join our team, providing a unique opportunity to influence the product, team dynamics, and company culture for years to come. As our first software engineer, you will be instrumental in shaping all facets of the Midio platform and product. You’ll collaborate within a dynamic, cross-functional team and report directly to the Chief Technology Officer. This role offers an exciting chance to contribute to the core of our company’s growth and innovation.

Our technology

We are looking for people to help with any of the following areas. We don’t require existing knowledge of any of these technologies in particular, as long as you are a very proficient programmer.

What do we seek

Join us in developing creative software solutions that truly matter!

Employment type: Full-time

Location: Oslo

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